Furniture Slipcovers - The Quick & Easy Makeover Solution!

Do you dislike the worn upholstery on your couch, but can’t afford a new suite? Do you want to give your room a lift without spending a fortune? Are you worried about dirt and spills ruining your new sofa? Have you been given a second-hand armchair that desperately needs a style update? Do you like the idea of helping the environment by extending the life of an old sofa?

Slipcovers Have It Covered

Slipcovers offer a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to the issues outlined above. As their name suggests, they can be slipped over your furniture in minutes and completely cover up unattractive upholstery. This enables you to give your home a style overhaul without much effort. Being washable, slipcovers are also very easy to keep clean, and are used by many people to protect good quality furniture from everyday wear and pet hairs.

At GetSlipcovers.com we’ve put together a selection of our favorite slipcovers that are available to purchase online. We believe our featured products offer great value for money, and we only promote products from trusted stores that have an established reputation for quality and exceptional customer satisfaction. To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, we’ve organized the slipcovers by size.

We pride ourselves on being experts in slipcovers, and in addition to featuring a selection of our favorite products, we keep our eyes open for new designs and the latest special offers to share with our visitors. However, we are more than just a store where you can buy slipcovers… We offer a wealth of useful information to help you use slipcovers to get more life out of your furniture.

We understand that not everyone’s couch is the same, so we offer tips to help you get the best fit. We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions that we’re received from our visitors, with the aim of helping you get the most from your slipcovers. We’ve also written a number of articles and buyers guides providing handy hints and ideas for decorating with slipcovers.

We love trying out new looks in our homes, so whenever we hear of an ingenious way that someone has used a slipcover, we will add it here. And if you’ve achieved a great new look using a slipcover, we’d love you to share your experience with us – we are always pleased to hear from our visitors and have a page all about “success stories”.

Whether you are thinking of buying a new slipcover or you’re simply looking for inspiration on how to give your room an affordable makeover, we hope you find something to interest you at GetSlipcovers.com! As we like to say “We’ve got it covered”.

Check out this short video clip from TVs The Balancing Act. Host Kathy Peterson and SureFit’s Sherly Boltze demonstrate just how easy it is to fit a SureFit slipcover. What really impressed me was how quickly they managed to transform their old leather couch into a modern and stylish new design.

But the real bonus it that it’s machine washable – perfect if you have messy little tots! Sheryl says, “I have a 5 year old at home and practically wash mine every month”.

If you think your couch could do with a quick and simple makeover then watch the video and then read our review below. Be sure to make your purchase online at SureFit’s safe and secure website so that you can qualify for the generous discount that we have negotiated with them. For full details, see below.

Sure Fit


This bestselling slipcover from SureFit looks and feels much like suede, but has several advantages over the real thing. It’s made from a blend of polyester and Spandex, which means it should give a snug fit and conform to the contours of your furniture.

It also means it’s machine washable, so it’s no hassle to keep it clean. In between washes, pet hairs and lint can easily be vacuumed off.


The loveseat size is designed to fit seats up to 50” wide, with arms up to 14” wide, with box cushions. The separate seat construction means there are two pieces. One covers the main body of the loveseat, while the other section holds the seat cushions.

Having the cushions in a separate cover looks tidy, but also helps prevent the main slipcover from becoming loose and untucked. Although the fabric stretches, it might be a very tight fit and you may struggle to close the zipper on your own! However, the main section is very easy to install and has elastic to secure it in place around the bottom of the furniture.

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This slipcover has a sleek, smooth appearance and can give a worn loveseat a completely new look. It comes in a choice of 5 solid colors (burgundy, camel, chocolate, dark green and oatmeal), so there’s an option that should coordinate with most decorating themes.

Although the fabric is quite lightweight, it’s not flimsy and the original upholstery shouldn’t be visible. It appears to keep its color and shape after washing and doesn’t come out of the machine wrinkled, so there’s no need to iron it.

Our Verdict 5 Stars

At under $150, we think this slipcover is good value for money and offers an affordable way to revamp a couch that’s seen better days. We love the fact that it’s an easy care fabric that doesn’t attract pet hairs and doesn’t crease easily.

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At first glance, this popular Maytex slipcover has the appearance of twill, however, it doesn’t contain cotton. Unlike regular twill, it’s made from a blend of polyester and Spandex, which gives it a smooth, snug fit. It is sturdy and easy to care for, as it can be laundered in the washing machine.


The two piece design means there’s a separate cover for the seat cushions, which also reduces the need to readjust the slipcover. Even if it does work loose after a while, it’s easy to tuck it back into position. It should fit loveseats that measure 32”-39”H x 58”-73”W and 36”-40”D.


If you look closely, you’ll notice this slipcover has a very thin striped pattern, which we think is attractive and adds to its appeal, but if you’re looking for a smoother finish and a solid color, then this won’t be for you. The stretch fabric and two piece style helps give it an elegant appearance, which will work well for both casual everyday use and for entertaining guests.

Our Verdict 4.5star

At under $100 this slipcover offers an inexpensive solution to a tired couch. We like the fact that it looks like twill but has the benefits of a stretch fabric, and it’s washable. However, it does have a two tone pattern, so may not appeal to those who prefer a solid color.

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