Armchair Slipcover Fitting Tips

5 Tips for Getting Your Armchair Slipcover to Fit Perfectly

Slipcovers are not just for sofas, they are available for armchairs and many other pieces of furniture as well. Furniture comes in many different styles, but with some know-how it’s possible to get a standard size armchair slipcover to fit most styles. Here are some common issues and our “Top Tips” for solving them and getting a great fit:

1 The armchair I’d like to cover has thin, wooden arms – too small to fit the slipcover! How do I make my armchair slipcover fit my needs?

Head to the craft store and purchase polyester batting. It’s inexpensive and won’t harm or scratch your furniture. The batting is plushy and will easily mimic the feel of a foam arm. Wrap around the arm and secure with Velcro to stay in place, and fit up under the armchair slipcover.

2 I can’t get the armchair slipcover to fit just right, there are some pieces of fabric that are just too loose. Do I need to return it and buy and a different cover?

Before giving up, try these tucking tips to get a better fit. First, get a wooden spoon from the kitchen. It will save your arms from getting stuck between the cushions and your fingers from getting pinched. Push the spoon deep into the fabric crevices until it’s taut against the cushion. Don’t have a wooden spoon? Roll up a magazine and fasten tightly with a rubber band, then work the magazine down in the crevices the same way.

3 I’ve just received my armchair slipcover delivered in the mail, but it’s wrinkled! How do I get the wrinkles out without harming the fabric?

There are a few ways to remove wrinkles from a slipcover; the hand-held steamer, and the dryer. To use the dryer, throw it into the tumble dryer with a damp cloth on low heat for about ten minutes. This should remove the wrinkles, but should there still be a few, just place back into the dryer for another ten minutes. If you don’t have a dryer accessible, or it’s not large enough, try a hand-held steamer. Hang the armchair slipcover up and slowly work the steamer down in large strokes. The steam will remove the wrinkles and leave the slipcover smelling fresh.

Be sure to double-check the care instructions before trying these options. If the fabric is delicate or you don’t have a dryer or steamer, use a plant mister to gently damper the wrinkled area and smooth the creases out with your hands.

4 I found a used armchair at a secondhand shop, it’s in great condition and it’s so comfortable to sit in! However, it has beat up wooden legs, are there slipcovers that will hide this?

Absolutely! Try a skirt-style slipcover. Most come in either straight, gathered, or pleated looks. The addition of the skirt adds style, and conveniently hides what you don’t want seen.

5 I really love the shade of blue I’ve found for an armchair slipcover online, but I’m worried the shade on my computer screen will be wrong once it arrives.

Many companies, including SureFit, offer swatches so you can try out the fabric in a room before you buy your slipcover. A swatch is a sample of the fabric, usually sent from the manufacturer, so that you can ‘try before you buy’. Order different patterns, colors and textures to see what works best in your room. Make sure to open all windows and use natural light when holding swatches against other fabrics. Some companies also will refund your money for the swatch one you place your order – check the terms before you buy.

These tips should help you get a great fit from your slipcover and enable you to give your favorite chair a whole new look.


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