Choosing Slipcovers for Loveseats

How to Choose the Perfect Slipcover for Your Loveseat

f you’d like to give your favorite loveseat a new lease of life, readymade slipcovers are an inexpensive and easy solution.  However, with so many different slipcovers for loveseats to choose from, it can be tricky to decide which one is best matched to your personal tastes and decor.  Here are the 4 most important things to consider before you buy a new slipcover for your loveseat.


The first thing you should know is that loveseat slipcovers are designed for couches with two seat cushions.  However, usually the cushions are covered as one, rather than individually.   There are two main styles of slipcover.  A one-piece is one cover that goes over the entire loveseat, cushions included.  A separate seat or two-piece slipcover comes in two parts; one large cover for the body of the furniture, plus a separate cover to hold the two seat cushions.
You will need to make sure you order the right slipcover for the type of cushions you have on your loveseat.  Box cushions have a regular four-sided shape, whereas T-cushions have a piece that extends in front of the arms at each end to make a T-shape.
Another thing to bear in mind is that most fitted slipcovers are designed for furniture without loose back cushions.  If your loveseat has removable back cushions you should consider buying a three-piece slipcover to get the best fit.  Three-piece slipcovers are like separate seat slipcovers, but have an additional cover for the back cushions.


Loveseat covers come in a variety of different fabrics, so you should think about what sort of material will look best with the style of your home, as well as what will be most suited to your lifestyle.  For instance, stretch slipcovers that contain Spandex and are held in place with elastic are great for a snug fit that highlights the contours of your furniture.  Faux leather and suede slipcovers are often made from stretch fabrics and work well with modern, contemporary decor.
If you prefer a looser fit and a more casual look, then take a look at regular slipcovers made from cotton or polyester, or a blend of both.  Slipcovers made from 100% cotton, such as denim or cotton duck, are very durable and can stand up to lots of use.  They can be a good choice if you have pets, as the material shouldn’t snag if a dog or cat jumps on it.
Always check the care instructions before you buy a slipcover so you know if it’s washable.  Most removable slipcovers can be machine washed, but you should check the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Fitting a new slipcover over your old loveseat will have a big visual impact in your room, as it will make it look very different.  Consider the color scheme in your room and the other furnishings.  Many people choose the safe option of a solid color slipcover, as this is more likely to blend in, especially if you have patterned curtains, carpet or a rug.  However, you may want to liven up your room by choosing a slipcover with a pattern.  Covers with stripes or floral prints, for example, can work particularly well with a room decorated in neutral shades.

Reclining Loveseats

If you have a reclining loveseat you may have difficulty finding a slipcover to accommodate the recliner function.  One option is to fit a regular loveseat slipcover over it and avoid using the recliner when the cover is on, which is a good way to protect your upholstery if you have friends with kids, pets or the grandchildren visiting.
It can also be hard to find slipcovers for wingback loveseats.

An alternative would be to look at furniture throws.  Although they don’t have the tailored appearance of slipcovers, throws can be useful for covering up unattractive upholstery and making your furniture look better.


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