Definitive Guide to Buying Sofa Slipcovers

The Definitive Guide to Buying Sofa Slipcovers

There are lots of ready made slipcovers for sofas for sale online. While it’s great to have such a choice at your fingertips, it can also be a bit confusing, especially if you haven’t ever bought a slipcover before. How do you decide what sort of cover will fit your furniture? If you’re unsure about what type of slipcover is best for your couch, please read our guide below.


One of the main considerations when buying sofa slipcovers, is what sort of construction will work best on your furniture. There are three main types:

1 Piece Slipcovers


As the name suggests, a 1-piece slipcover is one large cover that is designed to fit over the entire body of a sofa, as well as over the seat cushions. This type of sofa cover gives a sleek, smooth look and can enhance the shape of your furniture. It’s slightly easier and quicker to put on and remove, as you don’t need to put the seat cushions into a separate cover.

2 Piece Slipcovers


2-piece slipcovers are also known as separate seat slipcovers. This is because they consist of a large cover for the main body of the sofa, with a separate cover for the seat cushions. This cover is designed to hold up to three seat cushions. This style of slipcover is great if you have removable seat cushions and are aiming for a semi-custom look.

3 Piece Slipcovers


3-piece slipcovers are a relatively recent innovation and are not as widely available as the other types. This style is designed for sofas with loose back cushions. It is similar to a 2-piece slipcover, but has a separate cover for the back cushions, as well as one for the seat cushions. If your couch has loose back cushions, then a 3-piece slipcover is what you need.


When choosing a sofa slipcover, you will need to find one that’s designed to fit whatever type of seat cushions you have. All of the above mentioned slipcover types are available for sofas with either box cushions or T-cushions.


Most modern pre-made slipcovers are designed with convenience in mind and are made from machine washable materials.  However, do check the care guidelines before you buy to make sure.  Slipcovers are usually made from durable fabrics, such as cotton or polyester, so they should stand up to a lot of use.  There are some other factors to bear in mind when choosing a fabric:

Stretch Slipcovers


Although regular slipcovers can fit well and can be tucked to get a snug fit, those made from stretch fabrics, containing spandex, will give an even tighter fit. Stretch slipcovers are popular for their form-fit and lack of wrinkles or creases. They look good on sofas that are in reasonable condition, as they cling to the contours of furniture.

Pet Friendly Slipcovers


Cat and dog owners like to use slipcovers on their furniture as they are much easier to keep clean than upholstery. As well as shedding hairs and leaving dirty marks on your furniture, pets can damage fabrics with their claws. Therefore, if you have a pet that likes to sit on your sofa, it’s advisable to look for a slipcover made from a particularly hardwearing, pet-friendly fabric, such as 100% cotton duck or denim.


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