Furniture Throws

Furniture Throws – The Cost Effective Alternative to Fitted Slipcovers

If you’re looking for an even cheaper and quicker alternative to fitted slipcovers, you may be interested in furniture throws. With this type of furniture cover, you need only drape the throw over your couch or chair to give it an instant new look. Here are a few reasons to consider buying a throw for your furniture.


Sofa throws have a more informal, casual style than slipcovers. They are great for creating a warm, homely feel. Throws can work well with shabby chic decor or in a comfy country cottage. They can be used to good effect on old or mismatched furniture, covering up unappealing upholstery in minutes.

Furniture throw covers come in a choice of colors, so you can choose whatever color will match your room’s decor. If you redecorate, you can use a throw to coordinate your couch and chairs with your new color scheme, which is an easy and affordable alternative to buying new furniture. Throws also come in handy if you’re living in a student dorm or rental accommodation, and you want to give your landlord’s tired old couch a more stylish look without spending much money.


Pet owners find throws useful, as they can protect upholstery from dogs and cats. Throws are very easy to remove for laundering, and are usually machine washable, making it easier to keep your home clean. If you have pets, it can be a good idea to have a couple of spare throws. If your muddy dog jumps up on the couch and you don’t have time to wash the throw straightaway, you can put a spare one on, to ensure your furniture stays protected and looks its best.

Using throws on your furniture is also a good way of protecting good quality upholstery from wear and tear, particularly if you have young children or grandchildren.

Oversize Furniture

Throws can be used on sofas and loveseats, as well as regular armchairs if you don’t mind a loose fit. A throw could be the solution to covering an oversized chair, or a chair and a half, if you are unable to find a slipcover to fit. If you have an extra large or awkward shaped couch or chair, simply draping a throw over it can instantly improve its appearance, and is an inexpensive alternative to having a custom slipcover made.

If you’d like to buy a furniture throw, SureFit has a good selection, in a choice of fabrics and colors.


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