Protect Your Vehicle with Outdoor Car Covers

Protect Your Vehicle in all Weather with Outdoor Car Covers

If you don’t have a garage you can keep your car in, then it could suffer the effects of being exposed to the elements, meaning it will age quicker and may need repairs sooner than if it was kept under shelter.

Car covers are the solution to this problem. Much like a furniture slipcover that protects a sofa from wear and tear, a car cover is easy to fit and remove and can be used year round whenever you park your vehicle outside. Covering your car when it’s not in use can protect it from pollution, dust and dirt, as well as bad weather such as heavy rain, freezing conditions or snow.

When looking for an outdoor car cover, the best ones are made from breathable and waterproof heavy-duty fabrics offering UV protection, such as those from SureFit. SureFit’s car covers are made from a special fabric called PolyPro, which is protective against all weather, as well as being soft so it won’t scratch your car’s paint work.

The Polypro outside car covers come in a choice of sizes, to fit vehicles ranging in size from compact models up to SUV or pick-up sizes. The water-repellent fabric is breathable, to reduce moisture build-up under the cover and help prevent mold and mildew. It has elastic around the bottom edge so it’s easy to put on and to remove, but stays in place, with a fitted, tailored appearance. These car covers have trunk leash locks to securely lock them to your car and are made in the USA. The Deluxe Polypro lll car cover is made from a triple layer fabric and has a zipper on the driver’s side for easy access.


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