Dining Chair Slipcovers & Folding Chair Covers

Dining Chair Slipcovers & Folding Chair Covers

Most people have heard of using slipcovers on living room furniture, but did you know it’s also possible to get ready made covers for dining room chairs?

These work on the same principle – you simply slip the fabric cover over the seat and back of your chair to alter its appearance. Dining chair slipcovers offer an inexpensive means of giving well-used, tired-looking chairs a makeover. At GetSlipcovers.com, our top 3 reasons to use them are:

1 They are perfect for dinner parties, holidays or other special occasions where you’ll be entertaining guests and want to give your everyday chairs a touch of class and sophistication.

2 They can be used to coordinate random chairs you may have acquired over the years, concealing signs of wear and tear or ugly upholstery, and saving you the cost of buying a brand new set of matching chairs.

3 They are washable, so there’s no need to worry about those inevitable food and drink spillages that occur at meal times, and if you have decent furniture, they can be used to protect the upholstery beneath.

Style & Fitting Tips

What we love about dining chair covers is that they come in either long or short styles, so you have the flexibility to change the style according to the occasion, your decorating theme, or just on a whim.

Those with long skirts look great in a formal setting, but can also be used to cunningly hide chipped or scratched wooden legs that you’d rather not have on display. On the other hand, if the legs are in good condition or are a particular feature of your chairs, you can choose to show them off using a short cover that finishes just below the seat.

Slipcovers are designed to fit most standard size armless dining chairs. However, not all chairs are equal, and you may want to use a few thrifty tricks to get the best fit. One of our favourites is to fix an old towel or blanket over a wooden seat back to add some padding. This not only helps get a snugger fit, it makes the chair more comfortable!

If you’ve got a chair with arms, it is possible to find a slipcover to fit, but these aren’t so widely available. For more information, we recommend reading our guide on how to choose slipcovers for chairs with arms.

Dining Chair Slipcover Reviews

Sure Fit Best Seller


These cotton duck covers are a good choice to use in the dining room because they will stand up to being washed in the machine. This means any food or drink stains can be easily removed, and the covers don’t seem to lose their shape or color.


Unlike most slipcovers for dining chairs, these ones are designed specifically for chairs with arms. They are extremely easy to fit (on chairs up to 42” high at the back) and the ties at the back make it possible to get a tighter fit if your chairs are on the small side. The long pleated skirt is intended to accommodate flared legs, and works well at hiding ugly legs that are chipped or scratched!


Because of the floor length skirt, these slipcovers will make everyday dining chairs look very different, so they are ideal for dressing up your room when you’re entertaining guests. Remember that they don’t cover the arms though, and these will still be on show. The pleats at the front legs look elegant, and the ties at the back give you the versatility to either tie them in a bow or a knot. However, they might look a bit creased after washing, so be warned you may have to iron them to fit in with a formal occasion. Overall, these are great value and do the job of smartening up old chairs well, for little effort on your part.


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