Loveseat Slipcovers

Loveseat Slipcovers

A loveseat size slipcover is designed to fit a two seat couch. However, there are different styles available, so it’s important you find the one that’s right for your particular loveseat. Here are’s tips for simplifying the process.

1 Get to know your loveseat

In order to get a good fit, the main consideration is your seat cushions. If they are square or rectangular, with straight edges, then they are known as box cushions and a regular slipcover will work. But if each one has a bit that sticks out around the front of the arms, a T-cushion slipcover is required.

For those of you who have cushions at the back that can be removed, you will need a separate cover to hold these, in which case, the style you should be looking at is known as three piece. There are fewer slipcovers made in this style, but there is still a good choice of colors available.

2What do you like the look of?

Once you’ve figured this out, it is up to you to decide whether to go for a one piece or separate seat cover. The difference here is mainly aesthetic. As their names suggest, one covers everything in one go, whereas the other has a second cover that holds the two seat cushions. You can see some pictures below to illustrate this.

The fabric also impacts on the appearance of a slipcover, so this is something to bear in mind. Stretch fabrics containing Spandex should cling to the contours and curves of your furniture, making it look almost like new. Other people prefer the more traditional, looser look of non-stretch materials such as cotton.

3 Be Practical

One final piece of advice is to be sensible about what color you choose. You want your slipcover to enhance the appearance of your whole room, not just disguise the old upholstery. Think about what color would tie in with your other furniture and coordinate with your walls, flooring and curtains. Neutrals such as cream or ivory are a safe bet, but bolder colors and patterns such as stripes and florals can be used to great effect as part of a broader decorating theme.

For more information please read our guide on how to choose a slipcover for your loveseat.

Loveseat Slipcover Reviews


This one piece slipcover is made from SureFit’s stretch pique fabric, which is a favorite with customers. It has a waffle-weave pattern, which gives it a soft texture, and the Spandex helps give a smooth fit without a lot of loose fabric that need to be hidden away.

It can be machine washed in cold water and tumble-dried on a low heat if needed, so it’s straightforward to keep your furniture fresh and clean. Having said that, this isn’t really a pet friendly slipcover, as cat and dog hairs get easily stuck to it. So, if your pets like to jump or sleep on your loveseat, you will have to spend a lot of time vacuuming!


This slipcover has a one piece construction, so it’s meant to go over your entire loveseat in one go, including the seat cushions (as long as they are square or rectangular, not T-shaped). It is very simple to fit and you’ll get quicker with practice!

It seems to be easiest to line up the back side first and then gradually straighten out the rest. Because it fits over the top of the cushions, you will have to tuck it in around the sides to secure it in place. You might find that it works loose when people have been sitting on it for a while, but this isn’t really as issue as it doesn’t take long to smooth it out again.


The stretch fabric helps to give a form-fitted look, as it clings to the curves of your furniture. It can look great on a loveseat that is in good condition, but will also highlight any lumps or dips on an older couch, where a non-stretch cover might be a better option! This slipcover has a sleek style that will add an up-to-date look to your room.

Our Verdict 4.5 Stars

As long as you don’t have pets, this is a great buy. It fits well and looks tidy, although it may need occasional retucking. It’s a stylish choice if you prefer the look of a one piece cover, or you don’t have removable cushions.


The stretch twill fabric is actually made from polyester mixed with 5% Spandex. So, although it has the look of traditional twill it is perhaps not as hardwearing as a cotton twill.

However, the added stretchiness does give a smooth fit, and this slipcover has the advantage of being machine washable. It’s a good choice for everyday use.


The unique two piece design is patented. The main piece should fit loveseats that fall between 32”-39″ high, 58”-73″ wide and 36”-40″ deep. It has elasticated corners to help hold it in position.

The stretch fabric makes it straightforward to fit without leaving wrinkled areas. It stays nicely in place most of the time, but might need to be re-tucked every now and then if it gets a lot of use – if your kids like to play on your furniture for example. This is easy to do and the smooth fit more than makes up for this occasional inconvenience.


This slipcover can make a tired loveseat look sleek and modern, and will blend seamlessly with most styles of decor. Although on first glance it looks like a solid color, the stretch twill fabric actually has a two tone small striped pattern, which we think looks pretty, but might not be to everyone’s taste.

Our Verdict 4.5 Stars

We like the tailored look that the two piece design gives, and the fact that the fabric stretches to give a snug fit. Some people might prefer a solid color rather than the small stripes, but all in all, this slipcover offers an inexpensive fix for an aging loveseat.


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