Oversized Slipcovers

Oversized Slipcovers

The ready made oversized chair slipcovers have a unique design which makes them so easy to fit you can transform your chair in a matter of minutes. These oversized chair covers are also known as small loveseat slipcovers and are very affordable. They’re made from quality fabric that’s selected for its durability and color-fastness, so it can stand up to loads of use. These slipcovers are fully machine-washable too, so keeping them clean and fresh is a breeze.

The small loveseat slipcovers are designed to fit seats that are between armchairs and regular loveseats in size and are perfect for those oversized chairs that are difficult to find slipcovers for. They snugly fit furniture with seat widths of 30in-42in and with a circumference of 145in-180in at the widest point. The patented Clip-On fasteners hold the slipcover in place and give it a neat fit.

Fitting a new chair cover over your favorite oversized chair is a brilliantly simple and affordable way to give your seat a stylish makeover. We all like to take pride in our homes and create an inviting environment in which to welcome family and friends, but at the same time we all tend to lead busy lives. The beauty of using slipcovers is that they can be fitted over your existing upholstery in a matter of minutes, to give your chairs an instant makeover – and slipcovers are inexpensive to buy, so you can transform your furniture even on a small budget.

If you love curling up in your oversized chair with a good book or to watch a favorite TV show, it probably gets a lot of use. And furniture that gets used a lot is much more susceptible to having drinks spilled on it or food dropped on it. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, you’ll know how annoying it is to try and remove stains from your upholstery. But with a slipcover, this isn’t a problem, as all you need to do is slip off the cover and pop it in your washing machine, as dirty marks can easily be washed out.

Most Popular Oversized Slipcover

SureFit Oversized Microfleece Chair Furniture Cover

The SureFit Oversized Microfleece Chair Furniture Cover is made from hardwearing fabric, which means it’s resistant to wear and tear as well as being nice and soft to sit on. This slipcover is a good choice if you’ve got pets or children as it’s machine washable – so any dirty marks can easily be cleaned out. Its attractive color has the versatility to be used in all sorts of decorating themes. All in all, we think this slipcover is great value for money.


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