Pet Throw Covers

Protect Your Furniture from Your Best Friend with Pet Throw Covers

If you own dogs or cats, you’ll know how they love to climb or sleep on your favourite couch given half a chance. As much as we love our pets, sharing our homes with furry animals does present a few challenges, not least how to keep our furniture clean. Unfortunately it’s all too easy to tell if a dog or cat has been on your furniture. Even if they don’t have dirty paws, they will inevitably leave behind a load of hairs, which will then stick to your clothes.

There is a solution to this annoying problem, however. Rather than exclude your pets from your living room, you can use purpose-made pet throw covers to protect your furniture. Unlike regular ones that cover a whole piece of furniture, pet throws are designed to slip over just the seat, back and arms of a sofa or chair, to protect those areas from dirt, fur and scratches. However, just like regular furniture throws, they are easy to remove, so you can remove them when you’re expecting guests or want to use the room yourself. The upholstery fabric underneath should be clean and free from pet hairs.

Pet seat covers are really useful if you leave your cat or dog in your house when you go out, or you let them sleep in your living room overnight. They have the benefit of being machine washable, so you can wash them regularly to keep them as clean as possible and smelling fresh.

The quilted pet throw covers from SureFit come in a choice of fabrics and colors, and are available in sofa, loveseat and chair sizes. The Cotton Duck is made from 100% cotton and the Soft Suede is 100% polyester. There is also a Wing Recliner Pet Throw available in Soft Suede.

If you’re tired of finding muddy paw prints or pet fur on your couch, but don’t want to banish your furry friend from your living area, then pet throw covers could be the perfect solution.


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