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Recliner Slipcovers

Your reclining chair is likely to be the most comfortable seat in your home. In many households it’s the one that gets fought over as everyone wants to sit in the “best chair”. Because recliners get so much use – they are the ideal place for relaxing after a busy day, reading a good book or watching your favorite TV show – it’s hardly surprising if they start to show signs of wear and tear as the years go by.

You may start to despair at the lived-in appearance of your recliner, wondering whether the time has come to replace it, but to buy a new recliner is going to take a big chunk out of your budget.

Fortunately, a much cheaper solution is to use a slipcover to restore your chair to its former glory. Besides, why should you replace a perfectly comfortable and functional piece of furniture just because it looks a bit tired?

Here's our guide to buying a recliner slipcover:


Be sure to check the dimensions of your seat to ensure you buy a cover that is going to fit. Most products on the market are designed to fit medium size recliners, and the exact measuring instructions can be found on the store’s website.


Look for a durable, stretch fabric that can stand up to lots of movement but will also stay snugly in place without becoming wrinkled.

Cushion Type

Nearly all the ready made slipcovers available online are designed for recliners with T-shaped seat cushions, as the majority have this type of cushion, so won’t fit properly if yours has a box cushion.

Handle Opening

In order to be able to operate the recliner function you will need to check that your slipcover has space for the handle to go through and that it’s on the correct side.

Care Instructions

The beauty of using a removable cover is it’s so much easier to keep it clean than scrubbing dirty marks out of upholstery. So, be sure to check you are purchasing a cover that can be machine washed.

Handy Extras

While not essential, having a pocket on the side of your slipcover can be very convenient as somewhere to store your remote controls and other items you like to keep within easy reach.


If your recliner is a wingback, we highly recommend reading our recent article that talks about the benefits of using a wing chair recliner slipcover.


Stretch Leather Recliner

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Recliner Slipcover Reviews

Sure Fit Stretch Leather Recliner SlipcoverSure Fit

Sure Fit ™ Stretch Leather Recliner Slipcover - $79.99


This is a faux leather slipcover that looks and feels much like the real thing, so it’s ideal for making your favorite recliner look almost like new for under $80! As well as being much cheaper than real leather, this fabric has the advantage of added Spandex. This stretchiness not only gives a snug fit, but can also cope with the movement of the recliner function without slipping or becoming wrinkled.


Because of the adjustable nature of a reclining chair, this slipcover isn’t quite as easy to fit as a regular one – there’s the footrest, moving arms, handle etc to take into account. However, there is just one piece and as long as you follow the guide and fit each area in order, it shouldn’t take too long. It’s held in position with elastic ties. To find out if it’s the right size for your recliner, you’ll need to measure the circumference – as long as it’s between 78”-88” it should work fine.


This slipcover can give a well-used recliner a sensational makeover – friends may even think you’ve got a new leather chair! It looks sleek and sophisticated and is great for covering up signs of wear and tear. It will work well with contemporary decor and add a sense of luxury to any room.

Our Verdict

Because it’s so hard to tell it’s a slipcover, we think it’s very good value for under $80. The faux leather looks the part, seems very resilient and stays securely in position. It you love the idea of a leather recliner, but don’t want to fork out the cash to buy one, then this is an inexpensive alternative.

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Maytex Stretch Twill Recliner SlipcoverMaytex

Maytex Stretch Twill Recliner Slipcover - $99.99


It’s important to note that this two tone fabric differs from regular twill in that it contains 5% Spandex to give it stretch. However, it is hardwearing and machine washable. It’s a good choice if you use the recliner function a lot, as it will withstand a lot of movement. It feels smooth to the touch and is cozy to sit on.



The added Spandex combined with the elastic corners make this recliner cover easier to fit. It will stretch to accommodate slightly larger recliners. And if your chair is a bit smaller than standard, you should be able to tuck any extra fabric into the corners to get a better fit. With frequent reclining, it may be necessary to straighten the cover out after use, but this is quick to do – much like plumping up cushions after you’ve been sitting down.


This recliner cover actually has a two tone striped pattern if you look closely and is not a solid color. It’s versatile and would work well with most styles of decor, both contemporary and more traditional. As well as looking smart, it has a useful pocket on the left side for holding items such as the TV remote.

Our Verdict

This is a well-made and well-designed slipcover that looks good and doesn’t require too much readjusting to keep it in place. We like the handy pocket on the side. If you’re looking for a slipcover that feels soft and cozy to sit on and won’t work loose with a lot of reclining, then we think this is a good buy.


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