Sofa Slipcovers

Sofa Slipcovers

Buying a new slipcover for your sofa is not something you do every day, so you are probably wondering where to start. Yes, you want to conceal the original upholstery, but how do you know what’s going to look best?

To help make your life easier, the team here at has put together a list of things to consider before you buy. We’ve also got some pictures of our personal favourites, and we’ve written our own reviews on a couple of slipcovers so you know what to expect.

1How big is your sofa?

Perhaps the most crucial step is to check the measurements of your sofa to make sure you know what size cover you need to get. Sofa slipcovers are the largest size available and are designed for couches with three seats. If you have a two-seater, then be sure to check the dimensions, as you will probably need a loveseat size instead.

2Do you have regular cushions?

The majority of slipcovers are designed for seats with regular square-edged box cushions. If your cushions protrude in front of each arm, then you will need to look at T-cushion slipcovers that are specially constructed to accommodate this.

And if you have loose back cushions, this is another important detail to take into account. A standard slipcover won’t be large enough to fit over these, so you should be looking at three piece slipcovers. These come with an extra section to cover the back cushions.

3What’s Your Style?

Once you know what size and type of slipcover you’re looking for, you can start to narrow down your search by deciding which style you prefer. This is purely a matter of personal preference as to what will help you achieve your desired look for your room. Do you want a one piece, which will fit completely over the top of both your seat cushions and the body of your sofa? Or do you prefer the definition that a two piece, or separate seat, slipcover gives? Do you like the snug tailored look of a stretch fabric, or the classic look of cotton? What color will tie in with the rest of your room?

For additional help, please also read our guide to buying sofa slipcovers.

Sofa Slipcover Reviews


SureFit’s stretch pique range is very popular. The fabric is very soft and sumptuous to the touch, so it is a pleasure to sit on it. It is made from 95% polyester with 5% Spandex, to give a secure fit even on awkward shaped sofas. It’s machine washable and fairly hardwearing.

However, it may not be the best choice if you have pets, unless you don’t mind vacuuming frequently, as the material seems to attract fuzz balls and hairs! It may snag easily if cats claw it too.


This is a two piece slipcover with a separate section designed for box cushions. Bear in mind that it will not fit sofas with T-shaped seat cushions. The memory stretch fabric assists in making it very quick and easy to put on, in just a few minutes. It gives a glove-like fit and will stretch up to 30% to accommodate larger sized sofas, so long as the total height is less than 35”.


In addition to being so easy to fit, another reason the Stretch Pique is so popular is the tailored look it gives. The stretchable fabric and the separate seat cover minimize the chance of creases and reduce the need for retucking. The waffle texture looks very smart and will coordinate with virtually any style of decor. This is a good slipcover to use to give a jaded sofa a makeover, for a very affordable price.

Our Verdict 4.5 Stars

We love the form fit of this slipcover, and it will certainly add a new dimension to an old sofa. The fabric looks and feels lovely, and will work wonders in pet-free homes. We would caution against it though if you have a cat or dog that likes to sleep on your furniture, as you’ll find yourself constantly trying to remove the hairs!


Although it’s made from 100% polyester, this faux suede slipcover is very convincing and feels soft to the touch, almost like the real thing – but at an affordable price.

It’s easy to wipe off spills or brush off pet hair, and the fabric will stand up to being washed in the machine regularly without losing its shape or softness. This makes it a good choice if you own a cat or a dog that likes to sleep on your sofa if given half a chance!


The two piece construction makes this slipcover fairly easy to put on and it has elastic corners to help hold it in place without slipping. The cover for the seat cushions is secured with Velcro – you may find it’s easier to have someone help you close it, as it’s designed to be a tight fit! Once you’ve got the cover on though, you should find it’s very smooth and there aren’t any annoying creases.

This slipcover is designed to fit sofas that measure between 74”-96” from the outside edges of the arms, with seats up to 72” wide and 30” deep. Although it’s meant to be used on box cushions, some people have commented that they’ve managed to use it successfully on their T-cushion sofas.


If you like a tailored look, then this could be for you. The piping on the edges gives it a sophisticated look and you could use this slipcover to totally transform a worn old sofa and give it a smart new image.

Our Verdict 4.5 Stars

We love the fact that this slipcover stays put and doesn’t need regular adjustment. It’s not a stretch material, but it does have elastic at the corners, which helps give a tight fit. Priced at under $100 this is an affordable option if you like the look and feel of faux suede but don’t have the funds to purchase a new sofa.


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