Stretch Slipcovers

Stretch Slipcovers

Stretch slipcovers are a modern innovation and the addition of Spandex and elastic gives them the smart, tailored fit that they are renowned for. Many people prefer this look over the looser appearance of traditional furniture covers.

There are many different stretch fabrics to choose from, in solid colors, floral prints and patterns. Some of the most popular include faux suede and leather, which are great value for money considering what a new suite would cost.
We are big fans of stretch slipcovers and our team at has compiled a list of why we love them so much.

5 Advantages of Stretch Slipcovers

1Smooth Fit

The way the fabric is designed to cling tightly to the surface of the furniture means a really snug fit with no wrinkles or creases to be smoothed out. This means our couches always look good and there’s no need for lots of tucking away of excess fabric.

2Easy to Use

They are incredibly simple to put on and it’s easy to get them to stay in place with the elastic holding them in position. It’s also quick to remove them when we fancy a change or need to clean them.


Most stretch slipcovers are machine washable, and can be tumble-dried on a low heat, so it’s a breeze to keep your furniture looking clean and smelling fresh. This is a big bonus for those of us with small children and pets that like to climb on our furniture!


There are stretch slipcovers for all types of furniture – including ottoman and recliners, not just sofas – so it’s possible to transform your whole room for very little effort.


Considering they can make your furniture look almost as good as new, stretch slipcovers are amazing value for money, at a fraction of the cost of a new suite. Many people invest in a spare set so they can change the look of their room in minutes.

Stretch Slipcover Reviews


This faux suede slipcover feels wonderfully soft to sit or lie on. It looks similar to suede too, and can make a tatty old sofa look like a brand new one. It’s made from polyester with added Spandex to give it stretch and is surprising durable. It washes well without losing its color or becoming creased. And if your cat likes to sleep on your sofa, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s easy to clean off hairs and lint.


The stretch fabric is designed to give a form fit, and once on, this slipcover tends to stay securely in place so you should only need to re-adjust it occasionally. The cushion cover has a zipper to hold all your cushions in place, but it can be a tight squeeze to get them all in. You might find it easier to get someone to help you install it.


Because of the stretch fabric and the fact that it doesn’t slide off, this slipcover looks very smart and tidy – people may even think you’ve got a new sofa! It is fairly thin and lightweight, but unless you are covering upholstery with a very bold pattern, your old sofa shouldn’t show through. All in all, this slipcover is good value for money and will enhance most styles of decor.

Our Verdict

Although it’s easier if you ask someone to give you hand putting it on, once it’s on this slipcover looks very smart and isn’t likely to need constant adjustment. It’s a good quality stretch fabric that benefits from being easy to clean and isn’t a magnet for pet hairs! We think this slipcover is great value for under $150.


This slipcover has a velvety soft feel to it, which makes it nice to sit on. It has a stripy corduroy-like texture and although it is quite a light material, it appears well made and durable. It can be machine washed, which is convenient. It will also need regular vacuuming, particularly if your cat or dog sleeps on your sofa, as the fabric tends to get lint and per hairs stuck to it.


The patented design, which includes a separate cushion cover, aims to give a superior fit to traditional one piece covers. It should stand up to a lot of use, and shouldn’t easily slip out of place if your kids enjoy jumping on the couch! Although it is meant to be for box cushions, the Spandex in the material means it has a lot of stretch and can be used on some T-cushion sofas, and will even cover loose back cushions too.


The two piece construction looks more elegant than the classic one piece design. It gives a more defined structure and the fabric doesn’t seem to wrinkle or become baggy. This slipcover will give a tired sofa a contemporary new look, as long as you vacuum regularly to remove any lint or pet fur!

Our Verdict

We love the two piece design. Having a separate cover for the cushions looks smart, and seems to help keep the whole thing in place. The fabric is really stretchy, which is good for covering an overstuffed sofa. The only downside is that it will need regular vacuuming, especially if you have pets. Priced at less than $120, this is a well-made, well-fitting slipcover for the price.


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