Student Discounts

Student Discounts

OK, so you may be asking yourself, I’m a student. What on earth do I need slipcovers for? Good question. It wasn’t so long ago that we were students as well. I certainly remember my first student house. When we originally took over the house and got the keys from the landlord it was pretty much prestine. However, by the end of the year the place was looking, shall we say, a little run down.

It never occured to us that the landlord would actually withold our deposits to get the place looking its best again. And guess what, part of that money that he withheld was to pay for the 3-piece suite to get reupholstered! With hindsight I don’t blame him. Frequent beer and pizza spillages had certainly taken their toll.

If only we had invested in a set of slipcovers at the start of the year, we could have protected the upholstery and saved ourselves some money in the long term. Not only that, but the year after, we took on an unfurnished place and had to find our own sofa. We managed to find one which had the most hideous 1970s brown and yellow patterns. It reallly didn’t do much for our new batchelor pad image. Again, if we’d just all chipped in the cost of a pizza, we could have had a really cool looking couch!

Anyway, we’ve managed to team up with Sure Fit ™, the largest provider of ready-made slipcovers to bring you a special student discount, so now there’s no excuse!

Sure Fit ™ Student Discount!

We remember what it was like be students, so we asked Sure Fit ™ if there was anything they could do to help out those in full time education. They generously offered us this exclusive coupon just for students, faculty and staff –Save 15% on all orders!

In order to qualify for this exclusive coupon you will need to email us send proof of academic ID. Parents, relatives, guardians, and friends can purchase on behalf of a student, providing the education verification is provided by the student.

The forms of ID that we are able to accept are:

  • A current photo student ID card
  • A current faculty ID card
  • A current class schedule with name
  • A current letter from your school on your school letterhead

Please email a scanned copy or digital photo to studentdiscount (at) with the subject line “Sure Fit Student Discount Coupon”. Once we have verified this we will email you back your exclusive coupon code, which can be used on Sure Fit’s website.


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