Wingback Chair Slipcovers

Wingback Chair Slipcovers

A wingback chair can be a wonderfully comfortable place to sit, relax and while away a few hours. But those of us who own one will know that it can be tricky to coordinate a wing chair with the rest of our furniture. It’s the sort of chair that can be the “odd one out”, whether because it’s a hand-me-down from a friend or family member, or because they are usually sold individually rather than as part of a set.

It’s in this sort of situation that a slipcover can work its magic by giving an aging wing chair a makeover, so that it looks more at home alongside your couch and other seats in the room.

It’s up to you whether you choose to use matching slipcovers on all your seats, or whether you opt for the simpler solution of choosing a wing chair slipcover that will coordinate nicely with your suite. This is an easy way to tie in all the elements in your room, so that the outdated upholstery is out of sight and your wing chair doesn’t clash horribly with the rest of your decor.

The team at has put together a list of useful things to know about wing chair slipcovers:


They have a one piece construction, which means there is just one slipcover that’s designed to fit over the entire seat in one go, without a separate cover for the seat cushion. This gives a sleek, tailored look.


The vast majority of wing chair slipcovers are made for chairs with T-cushions (which stick out in front of the arms). This is important to know, as a cover designed for a T-shaped seat won’t fit properly over a box (square shaped) cushion and will leave lots of loose fabric.

However, there is a solution if you’ve got a box cushion – the SureFit wing recliner slipcover is designed to fit this type of wing chair. You can simply discard the separate cover designed for the recliner function.


You can choose from a range of traditional or stretch fabrics, according to your personal tastes and what will blend in best with the overall look and feel of your room. Modern stretch slipcovers are popular for the snug fit they provide and contain Spandex to keep them in place. For a more classic look, cotton is a traditional favorite and has the added advantage of being particularly hardwearing. Slipcovers are designed to be easy and convenient to use, and most are machine washable, but be sure to follow the manufacturers directions.

4Colors & Patterns

Whatever your decorating theme, there is likely to be a slipcover that will blend in perfectly with the look you are trying to achieve for your home. There are many solid colors to choose from, particularly neutral, which are a safer choice because they blend in better. If you prefer to make a bolder statement or add some pizzazz to your room, then pretty florals, checks or other patterns are an option.


Most stretch slipcovers are designed for wing chairs with legs, and finish at the top of the legs in order to show them off. However, non-stretch covers are available with full length skirts, which gives a completely different look.

Wing Chair Slipcover Reviews


This synthetic fabric looks very like suede is soft to sit on. It’s made from a mix of polyester and Spandex, which gives it its stretch, but also means it can be laundered in the machine. It’s also easy to remove pet hairs if you use a roller or simply vacuum regularly.


This is a one piece slipcover, so it is fairly easy to install. It’s designed for wing chairs that measure up to 42” in height. However, it is quite generously sized, so you may have to tuck some of the fabric into the corners to get a tight fit. Once it’s on though, it should stay put and you shouldn’t have to straighten it out too often. It’s important to note that it’s made for wing chairs with T-shaped cushions, so it won’t work if you’ve got a square seat cushion.


The faux suede fabric doesn’t easily wrinkle, so it’s easy to make it look smooth and get an almost upholstered look. This cover comes in a choice of solid colors, which gives you the ability to pick one that will match your room’s color scheme and coordinate with your other furniture. It can be used to give a wing chair with dated upholstery a modern new image.

Our Verdict

Once on, this slipcover looks smooth and sleek, although it is quite large and may need some tucking to get it to look right. We’re impressed by the quality of the fabric. It feels good, doesn’t seem to crease, and doesn’t attract pet hairs like some other fabrics do. All in all, this is a good buy if you want to extend the life of your wing chair.


This slipcover is made from a blend of 93% polyester and 7% Spandex, which helps give a smoother fit. It is ribbed, so it feels a lot like corduroy to the touch. It’s very comfortable to sit on, but a downside is that it seems to be a magnet for fluff and pet fur, so will require regular vacuuming, especially in households with pets. The upside is that it is fully machine washable.


The elastic corners and added Spandex help this slipcover fit tightly. However, perhaps because of the one piece design, it does tend to need retucking after heavy use. This isn’t much trouble though, and the stretch fabric makes it easier to achieve a snug fit and a smart look. It’s worth being aware that this slipcover is designed for wing chairs with T-cushion seats, and will not fit properly on box cushions.


Although the fabric is fairly thin, it looks good quality and it’s not see-through at all. This means it can be successfully used to hide even the ugliest material underneath. It has a sleek, modern look which makes it excellent for bringing an old chair that’s still in good condition up to date.

Our Verdict

We love the cozy feel of the ribbed fabric. However, it’s not the best option if you’ve got a cat or dog, as pet hairs seem to stick to it. As it is all one piece, you might find it works loose after anyone’s been sitting in the chair, but we don’t think this is a major issue as it’s easy to retuck if necessary. All in all, for pet-free homes, we think this is slipcover offers value for money and is reasonably priced at under $90.


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